Lundi 30 Nov

Watchout 3.2

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La nouvelle mise à jour de Watchout vient de sortir. Voici quelques nouvelles fonctionnalités (en anglais) : * Display density control. The stage dimensions of a display can now be set independently of its physical resolution. This can be used to mix different display technologies (using different pixel densities) in the same show, while maintaining a consistent visual relationship.

* Display computer management functions, including power control and remote access, allowing you to maintain all your display computers from the production software without having to keep a keyboard and a mouse connected to each display computer. * Live Video adds support for various high definition formats, including SDI (Serial Digital Interface) sources. * Significantly improved frame-rate from the Datapath RGB Pro VGA capture card. * More flexible Geometry Correction settings, for use in more extreme cases. Et quelques améliorations (toujours en anglais) : * The stage position of images can now be specified numerically inside the cue. * A new command shows larger thumbnails in the Media window. * Improved performance when using numerous still images in rapid succession. * Improved timing precision when looping MPEG-2 and Windows Media video files. * Improved performance for QuickTime animation-encoded video. * Improved precision of the Rotation tween point angle to a tenth of a degree. * Pasting cues to multiple layers now pastes the topmost cue to the selected layer rather than to its original layer.

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